Help yourself

Bringing your potential up
Is a big task
Bringing your best
Is a task
Its is easy to point out mistakes
Live in reality!!
Life doesn’t give retakes
Dark ☁️ clouds are temporary
Dark POWERS are difficult to carry
Big wig is not essential,
But big ❤ heart really matters
Cackling on someone else’ house is easy
But roofing can be exhausting
back stabbing is in trend
This is the reason why I make less friends 😇
Everyone is to see you in bad conditions
But no one will take out you from decompensation

SO let’s conclude


Its more difficult to see
others in pain
Its more satisfying helping others
With any profit or gain
Walking on this road of life
Everything is passing by
Its forever , can be a lie
Sometimes its more painful
than what others feel
Sometimes its not difficult
As it seems!!
Learning and moving
This is how life is going
You reap what you sow
Learn from past and grow
If Pain and regrets exit
Then only new things will ENTER


nothing is forever

Things change according to time 

Things change according to situation 

Nothing is forever … 

Friends change according to place 

Friends change according to nature 

Nothing is forever 

Situations change according to money 

Situations change according to learning 

Nothing is forever 

Death will reach you 

No matter where are you 

Don’t be so scared 

Definitely one day you will be cared

Nothing is forever 

It’s hard to believe 

Bitter truth .. but 

Some day we have to leave this earth


Strong winds are not the cause of tides 

Nothing ends here, there is a pause 

we have to walk…  miles.  🔜

negative thoughts will drag you down 

with no sound ..!! 

Groups of birds are flying 

Leaving this sky behind 

and we simply have remove 

The cause distraction form our mind 

Living in moment 

May teach you a lesson 

Make up your mind

 by caring mental health 

Like a messon 

Nothing ends here 

We have to walk miles 

life is beautiful.. realise 

it’s precise ❤️

By Harneet 🐾



Oh my future
You will be great
That is only the hope
I am asking my seniors
Which stream has more scope ?
In your search .. I started reading horoscopes

Things are daring
You know what I want to give something special to parents
MAYBE in return of their love and caring
Thinking about you
Builds a pressure
And you know my ultimate goal is to get leisure

Planning about you have taken my major part of brain
and one thing I want to mention
I know …!!
Thinking of you is just stress and strain
Sometimes nothing makes me feel optimistic
Everything seems to be declining….
happiness and opportunities is all that I am finding

Day by day
Year by year
I am growing
Seeds full of dreams , I am sowing
and trying to water them by my hard work
again ……hopefully what I am doing is worthy 🙃
Thank you
By harneetpal Kaur




Sometimes i got more then i thought 

No one knows that I have suffered a-lot


Life is immense love 

On the other side 

I am just noticing the doves 


I get motivated by blooming flowers 

Shinning stars 

But once i thought to live alone ..on mars 


I get hurt and my eyes cries 

Most of the times i am chilled as ice 

No worries.. if the world dies 


I notice people so deeply 

But i know its better to stay deaf and dum in the society 


I got insulted, I felt down 

But now glad to have my priorities and happiness as crown 

I am quite . A person with i think dark nd deep mind 

I feel others pain ,try to share

I even know one cares 

Whatever i do sometimes I am not clear 

Sometimes my heart hide my tears 

I even know no one cares 

I know most people have that fake layers 

Sometimes i bring myself up 

I know no one cares

By harneet kaur 

Why ??Frustration

Plans are uncountable 

And none isapplicable 

In race , on road with no end 

Continuously planning ,no where it stops 

Lead to frustration !! 

When questions are put together using why ? 

 Nothing to answer and ends up saying 

“No cause “ 

Peace is searched outside 

It’s in you 

Things that happen are always bad 

And done with me only 

Leads to frustration 

Clear your thoughts 

Clear your vision 

And look at people who are suffering a lot 

Sadness for no reason 

It happens come out of it 

See the beautiful things in the world 

Look at the thing that you Earned ❤️


I creat it

End it myself

No use of it 

But my time gets passed 

My own imaginations 

A new day new beginnings 

Are for others 

My story my new lessons 

Wake me up 

Turning the page of books 

Not reading here but learning 

Faith is in myself 

My life my success is in everyday 

Measurement is done with my scale 

Training myself for worse 

Tracing my path 

Not getting anything but 

Working to get everything 🙂

By harneet


When one thing ends 

A new journey begins 

Till this breathes are with you 

Profits and losses will continue 

Like this year was unpredictable

Most viewed faces were of my neighbours

Time took a turn 

I think I recollected 

What I learnt 

I have a place that I own 

But don’t have its control 

It’s my heart ❤️

It feels like it’s a garden 

And people are the flowers 

Which are in less in number 

As compared to visitors 

Everyone has there own colour

Entries are open always 

The problem is .. Exists have a small door

It takes to move out 

With a very soft sound 

 But Changes are so loud 

Noting to worry, you will get more 

❤️365 more chances there at your door 

Everything eventually ends 

And happy new year friends


Heat inside me 

Has no heat and light 

For me dreams are not

that I see at night 

moody behavior is not paying off 

discipline is lost 

trying to improve 

as of my life am the only host 

decisions are pending

And the knowledge is blending 

Fatigue , anxiety is no more 

Position is at like seashore 

Water is replaced by success 

Meaning is not clear 

But am hungry for it ..of course