Oh my future
You will be great
That is only the hope
I am asking my seniors
Which stream has more scope ?
In your search .. I started reading horoscopes

Things are daring
You know what I want to give something special to parents
MAYBE in return of their love and caring
Thinking about you
Builds a pressure
And you know my ultimate goal is to get leisure

Planning about you have taken my major part of brain
and one thing I want to mention
I know …!!
Thinking of you is just stress and strain
Sometimes nothing makes me feel optimistic
Everything seems to be declining….
happiness and opportunities is all that I am finding

Day by day
Year by year
I am growing
Seeds full of dreams , I am sowing
and trying to water them by my hard work
again ……hopefully what I am doing is worthy 🙃
Thank you
By harneetpal Kaur

contact harneetsunner786@gmail.com

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