Sometimes i got more then i thought 

No one knows that I have suffered a-lot


Life is immense love 

On the other side 

I am just noticing the doves 


I get motivated by blooming flowers 

Shinning stars 

But once i thought to live alone ..on mars 


I get hurt and my eyes cries 

Most of the times i am chilled as ice 

No worries.. if the world dies 


I notice people so deeply 

But i know its better to stay deaf and dum in the society 


I got insulted, I felt down 

But now glad to have my priorities and happiness as crown 

I am quite . A person with i think dark nd deep mind 

I feel others pain ,try to share

I even know one cares 

Whatever i do sometimes I am not clear 

Sometimes my heart hide my tears 

I even know no one cares 

I know most people have that fake layers 

Sometimes i bring myself up 

I know no one cares

By harneet kaur 

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