When one thing ends 

A new journey begins 

Till this breathes are with you 

Profits and losses will continue 

Like this year was unpredictable

Most viewed faces were of my neighbours

Time took a turn 

I think I recollected 

What I learnt 

I have a place that I own 

But don’t have its control 

It’s my heart ❤️

It feels like it’s a garden 

And people are the flowers 

Which are in less in number 

As compared to visitors 

Everyone has there own colour

Entries are open always 

The problem is .. Exists have a small door

It takes to move out 

With a very soft sound 

 But Changes are so loud 

Noting to worry, you will get more 

❤️365 more chances there at your door 

Everything eventually ends 

And happy new year friends


Heat inside me 

Has no heat and light 

For me dreams are not

that I see at night 

moody behavior is not paying off 

discipline is lost 

trying to improve 

as of my life am the only host 

decisions are pending

And the knowledge is blending 

Fatigue , anxiety is no more 

Position is at like seashore 

Water is replaced by success 

Meaning is not clear 

But am hungry for it ..of course


Busy roads of brain

Thoughts are changing with pulse 

And my newborn desires 

Notions in mind are in 

Continues motion … 

thoughts are fighting 

And are not agree to ceasefire 

No advice , that I can admire 

Busy brain as busy roads … 

traffics of thoughts 

In search of peace 

Can I get it on lease ? 

Oh my future

Oh my future
You will be great
That is only the hope
I am asking my seniors
Which stream has more scope ?
In your search .. I started reading horoscopes

Things are daring
You know what I want to give something special to parents
MAYBE in return of their love and caring
Thinking about you
Builds a pressure
And you know my ultimate goal is to get leisure

Planning about you have taken my major part of brain
and one thing I want to mention
I know …!!
Thinking of you is just stress and strain
Sometimes nothing makes me feel optimistic
Everything seems to be declining….
happiness and opportunities is all that I am finding

Day by day
Year by year
I am growing
Seeds full of dreams , I am sowing
and trying to water them by my hard work
again ……hopefully what I am doing is worthy 🙃
Thank you
By harneetpal Kaur



Sometimes i got more then i thought
No one knows that I have suffered a-lot
Life is immense love
On the other side
I am just noticing the doves
I get motivated by blooming flowers
Shinning stars
But once i thought to live alone ..on mars
I get hurt and my eyes cries
Most of the times i am chilled as ice
No worries.. if the world dies
I notice people so deeply
But i know its better to stay deaf and dum in the society
I got insulted, I felt down
But now glad to have my priorities and happiness as crown
I am quite . A person with i think dark nd deep mind
I feel others pain ,try to share
I even know one cares
Whatever i do sometimes I am not clear
Sometimes my heart hide my tears
I even know no one cares
I know most people have that fake layers
Sometimes i bring myself up
I know no one cares

By harneetpal kaur


What inspires

Life is dark 🌌
Pain is in my 💓 heart
Dreams in eyes
Trying to be wise for life
No plans yet in brain
Thing I got is only stress and strain 😶
I am not a night 🦉owl
Currently a big dambo In bowl
Tears are cleansing
But dirt is in thoughts
Trying to be clear
I wish.. I could get a magic wand in mirror

Seraching for myself
Who I am ?
Now voice is fumbling
Confidence has escaped
But I have kept something in save 😉
Faith in God still there 😊
Though I have nothing special
But still I am here

I am whimsy
But no smirky looks
I am moody
I listen to people
But not admire them
Billionaire by 💓 heart
Millionaire in thoughts
_____Life sucks ____
And teaches you alot !!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟
Thank you 🥰

Written by harneetpal Kaur 



Beauty !!!

Beauty is not,

how you look !!!

People may judge you ,

as the cover the book !!!

Knowledge is your  HEART

Efforts are THOUGHTS 

That imagines A lot !!!

Beauty is not,

how you look !!!

Its all about

which beauty you took!!!

The world is vast

humans desires never last 

Control your thoughts to win this world,

remember, paths are always curled…..

Beauty is not,

how you look !!!

Find your own way ,

No other is going to cook……

People will pull you back 

by HOOK or by CROOK

Beauty is not,

how you look !!!

by Parmeet kaur and Harneetpal




Opportunity ,Opportunity

Proves  your ability 

What are you capable of doing 

It never comes by simply going …

Work hard to get opportunity 

Work to prove yourself …

Never potency dear 

Have a power to bare …

                  Opportunity ,Opportunity

                        Proves  your ability…



Dream Big, Dream Great

Dream big, Dream great

Opportunities may come 

Don’t be late

Don’t pretend to be

Be great.

Help other, to achieve their goal

Give your best 

from heart and soul……

Your every step is success 

This world is a game of chess

Avoid considering yourself inferior

Even you are a warrior 

by Parmeet and Harneetpal

Pollution !!!

Pollution!! Pollution!!

Guys have you found any solution ??

Go green, Go green  

Plant tree, Plant trees

Plant one tree on your every birthday !

Doesn’t matter it is June or May…..

Are you planting tree ??

 If not ,immediately go green, 

Save our nature 

Our beautiful creature

Gifted by God 

Show gratitude to Lord…… 

by Harneetpal